What is Shahab?

Shahaab, as the country’s first provider of AI’s cloud network, has started its activities in cloud computing, revolving around the processing of deep learning methods; and strives to maintain this modern technology and its domestic foundation for the growth of creative technological ideas in different fields of science, and offer it to a wide range of businesses, developers, and specialists. Shahaab allows users to define their favorite groundwork, based on their needs and usage. As a result, users can experience minimum cost and challenges together with the highest power and precision, during their heavy graphic and cloud-based processes, and get the ideal outcome.

Reasons to choose shahab

Developing creative software ideas in different areas of AI and in general, different data processes requires new methods and hardwares to be able to process all kinds of massive numerical, audio-based, and visual data swiftly.

Speed and precision matters

GPUs have extraordinarily faster processing power compared to CPUs. Speed is one of the important competitive advantages in the area of heavy processes.

Time is of the essence

There is no more any room for bulky hardwares and traditional foundations. Focus your time and energy on the vital aspects only.

Security is important

Don’t worry about the security of your information anymore. From now on, your data is totally secured in multiple layers.

Being profitable matters

Pay in total adjustment to your spending and need. Lead your finance toward more profit!


Main components

Cloud Infrastructure (IaaS)

cloud infrastructure in multiple layers, consisting of powerful, solid, and up-to-date servers, private and shared storage, the ability to manage and create favorite virtual network and firewall, and last but not least, virtualization of preferred servers, are next to you on the way to grow your business.

Cloud Platform (PaaS)

a consistent and integrated space, based on cloud, which sorts makes things ready for the experts to develop, test, and run the programs. As an instance, it contains Jupyter notebook.


Keep up with the growth of your business

If your business is growing, do not worry about the possibilities. Cloud infrastructure grows with you.

Reduce investment costs

No need to buy servers and hardware. You can start your own business at the lowest cost and in the fastest time.

High security and easy data retrieval

Do not worry about your information if you use cloud infrastructure. Your data is safe and it is always possible to recover it.

Available; Anywhere, anytime

This is not an exaggeration. You can access your infrastructure anytime, anywhere, just through the browser.