What is Sahab?

Sahaab is a comprehensive market of AI that presents a broad spectrum of smart APIs with various functions, such fields of knowledge as machine learning, natural language processing, speech processing, and data analysis. It also allows for searching, comparing, and using each of them. Sahaab’s flexible pricing strategies helps developers to pay for each API according to their needs. Thus, it’s the perfect choice for clients who look for authentic and high-quality APIs and at the same time wish to keep the budget suitable and moderate.

Why Sahab

Sahaab’s smart services mart is a great chance for those developers who look for a fast and simple way to access smart APIs and share their APIs with others. User-friendly interface and thorough documents for each API, along with developers’ support, makes Sahaab a suitable choice.

Easy to use

easy and simple usage, is Sahaab’s important feature. With a few clicks, find your favorite API and connect to it.

Varied and affordable

a wide range of APIs are gathered in Sahaab, so you can pay for each in accordance to your specific needs.

Safe and trustworthy

all the APIs are thoroughly tested for their security, before addition to Sahaab. Moreover, you can find other developers’ comments on each API.

Accessible documents

in Sahaab’s market, sample codes and helpful evidences are accessible for each API.


Constituent parts

Administration and analysis

Sahaab’s analysis tools allow developers to track their use of APIs, detect their currents, and manage the relevant costs of APIs

Services section

this section contains all the AI services, available in Sahaab. You can search for your favorite API easily, based on context, provider, and features

API providers

this part contains introductions to all the API providers available in Sahaab. It is possible to search for providers based on type of services, industrial field, or scope

Support and ticketing

this part contains information on Sahaab’s support services. You can contact Sahaab’s supporting services team easily, via email or your phone



searching and finding APIs according to classification, provider, and features.

Thorough evidences

the ability to attain comprehensive and detailed evidences for each API, only with few clicks.

Proving sample codes

helping out developers in the beginning of their experiment with APIs, by offering sample codes.

General reports

detailed bills and statistics concerning the detection and use of APIs.