What is Sahab?

Sahab is a fast and secure marketplace that provides artificial intelligence cloud services to companies, startups, and programmers to build and deliver products.

Why Sahab

Sahab is a market where everyone wins. On the one hand, developers can offer their cloud-based web services on this platform so that more people can access it to earn money by selling them. On the other hand, consumers can use a variety of artificial intelligence web services to develop software and Or their hardware needs to choose the best one.

Provide free demos and tests

Sahab allows users to test all their services for free so that users can measure the compliance of the services with their needs and make the best choice.

Possibility of reporting

Using this Sahab feature, users can report the results of their processing at any time of the day or night.

Possibility of development in programming languages

All Sahab smart services are compatible with different types of programming languages due to their specific standards.

Has a management panel

The panel available to users enables them to communicate with their customers and analyze their behavior to improve and enhance their services.


main components

Machine vision

By equipping industrial devices with cameras and computers, machine vision empowers their visual abilities.

Speech processing

Speech processing services extract a wide variety of information from auditory data, which can have numerous applications.

Natural language processing

Using this service, it is possible to analyze, process and produce a great amount of natural language information faster and more precisely.

Data mining

As a very powerful technology, data mining can extract knowledge from huge sources of data.



There is no reason to pay a fixed and high fee.

Growth without more force.

As your business grows, this service will eliminate the need for you to hire more employees.

Easy updating

We maintain and upgrade your infrastructure to reduce your workload and responsibility.


Don't worry if your website gets a lot of users. This service coordinates with any number of visitors.