What is Nevisenegar?

Extract texts from different images easily, and, using a smart process of image to text conversion, analyze your data. Nevisenegar’s AI is able to process your specifically selected fields and present the final result. Some of the identity documents that are processible by Nevisenegar, are: national ID and birth certificate, RC (registration certificate), driver’s license, and processing promissory note, cashier’s cheque, and bank card.

Reasons to choose Nevisenegar

Nevisenegar uses the latest smart processing technologies to detect and process the written material within texts, with high precision and speed.

Saving money and time

Having eradicated the need for entering your data manually, Nevisenegar saves your time and expenses up to %90

Up to %98 accuracy

Nevisenegar turns the written content of images into editable and analyzable texts, with minimum error percentage

Supporting various content

Nevisenegar supports various image formats, and also patterns like tables and formulas.



Easy access to documents and no more need for paper!

Used in the process of completing digital forms

Editable output for old documents