What is Kavoshyar?

Aided by machine vision technology and natural language processing, Kavoshyar transforms your business into the fastest and most accurate API for content and visual searches. With Kavoshyar, you can search for similar and closely related results to your query accurately and instantly. It also enables you to detect cropped portions of your images.

Constituent units of Kavoshyar

Text Kavoshyar

it provides you with the results you seek, moreover gives closely related concepts to the client, using content-based search and analyzing a broad range of synonymous concepts. As a result, users will have access to a wider range of your online services and products.

Image Kavoshyar

Similar to the human eye, Kavoshyar utilizes machine vision to suggest the most relevant image based on the user's input. It searches through a vast collection of diverse data to find the perfect match. Additionally, this product can rank the results based on their proximity to the input image. Enhance your website and application with Kavoshyar to simplify the search process for your clients.



Finding news, information and relevant ads associated with the image

Searching the input data history and finding the target image

Applicable in different types of search engines

Utilizable in different websites and applications