What is an iQuant?

IQUANT is a comprehensive and intelligent online trading system through which financial market participants can design, test and implement their strategies for rapid development, reduction of infrastructure costs and further facilitation of transactions.

Why iQuant

Smart analytics, trading and investing using innovative tools is a powerful way to monetize financial markets. iQuant is exactly where these tools are designed to be used to increase productivity and revenue in financial markets.


Instead of sending an order for the desired symbol, you can receive a notification about it via web SMS or telegram.

Diverse data

Many of the required data and one-minute data in predefined functions are at your disposal to build a strategy.

Build a strategy without coding

You can review your strategy in the past and easily build and test your strategy without the need for coding.

Past simulation

The Backtest engine well simulates sales queues, transaction fees and the impact of orders on past market data.


main components


With a few clicks, check and screen all market shares based on price, volume, value, return, risk, basic information, etc.

Portfolio optimization

You can optimize your portfolio according to different criteria to offer you the best combination of assets.


Evaluate your ideas for profitable trading strategies without the need for coding and with the help of the tools provided.


It is possible to design a trading strategy using the functions defined in the Python language to try them out on the platform.


  • Filter stocks without the need for coding
  • Find stocks that fit the criteria
  • Finding the right stock for the analysis and post-testing process
  • Determine the optimal weight of each share in the basket
  • Set arbitrary limits for each share
  • Ability to use different target functions
  • Design a strategy without the need for coding
  • Access market features for strategy design
  • Design a strategy and review its performance in the past
  • Design a trading strategy with one-minute data
  • Access market features for strategy design
  • Examining the performance of a strategy designed in the past