What is Hamavar?

Hamavar is a smart recommendation system which analyzes your clients’ data and behavior, and makes recommendations to them, thus helps your business grow and gain more profit.

Constituents parts of Hamavar

Hamavar is a smart, practical and impressive tool that helps you make your online platforms smart, and focus on achieving your business goals, without any need for AI expertise.

Understanding the community, and follower offering system

Adding this API to any app and platform, makes the analysis of users’ behavioral and mental features possible. This smart interface, suggests new individuals to the client, by evaluating the shared interest of users and analyzing the inter-connection between different communities.

Smart recommendation system

Hamavar’s smart recommendation webservice makes relevant suggestions to customers while purchasing a product and is also used in online-shop services, and guides customers towards buying products that are more relevant to their order history.



In websites and online shops of products and services

In wire services and online media

In social media

In advertisement services