What is Farashenasa?

Farashenasa is a biometric system based on face and voice recognition technology, which with its various capabilities, has enabled electronic authentication with high security and accuracy.

Why Farashenasa

The high facilities and security that Farashenasa provides for its users, has caused it to be used in many governmental and non-governmental centers. Relying on its various services, the metacognitive system performs authentication of individuals and in this way, using various techniques, has closed the way to any forgery of identity.

Accurate face matching

With advanced technologies for authentication, Farashenasa accurately extracts a person's facial features and adapts it to previous images.

Liveness technology

The spoofing and facial texture detection techniques used by this system block the way for any forgery.

Awareness measurement technology

Farashenasa uses a unique technology to give text expressions to the user so that the user can prove their online presence in the system by reading them.

Hand position detection technology

To increase the reliability of Farashenasa, a method has been modeled that is based on hand movements and postures and making the requested gestures of the user.


main components

Visual authentication

This service matches the selfie photo with the ID photo and measures the level of similarity.

Voice authentication

This service asks the user to utter some sentences so that his/her age, gender and emotions are detected.

Video-based authentication

This service analyzes the lip and mouth movements using the video uploaded by the user. Then, it validates the movement asked from the user.

Multi-channel authentication

Depending on the type of usage, this service can use the voice, photo or video of the user separately or collectively in order to enhance reliability and security.


Prevent fraud

Farashenasa has eliminated the possibility of forgery by using several sophisticated methods for authentication.

Reduce the need for manpower

Using Farashenasa does not require the physical presence of customers; As a result, your need for human resources to respond is reduced.

Increase customer growth rate

By using the metacognitive system, more customers can be registered than in the past and their user experience can be improved.

Provide extensive services

Distances and boundaries are meaningless, customers can be authenticated wherever they are and your service will start immediately.