What is Avanegar?

Avanegar is a speech-to-text converter API for Persian Language which is designed specifically for seamless integration into software and applications. Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology has rapidly advanced, revolutionizing every aspect of our lives and work. Once limited to the film and gaming industry, AI is now regularly used as a powerful tool to help businesses thrive and innovate like never before.

Discover the Benefits of Avanegar

Avanegar is your ultimate partner in overcoming the limitations of human capabilities. Designed as an intelligent companion, Avanegar accelerates your workflow, enhances your accuracy, and ensures error-free results. You will experience a new level of productivity and efficiency with Avanegar by your side. Here are just a few examples of how Avanegar can elevate your performance:

Voice Typing Software

Dictate your thoughts, documents, and messages with remarkable accuracy and speed, saving you valuable time and effort.

Video Subtitle Production

With advanced algorithms and intuitive tools, you can effortlessly create accurate and synchronized subtitles, enhancing accessibility and user engagement.

Meeting Minutes Transcription

transcribe meeting minutes in real-time, capturing every detail and allowing you to focus on the discussion at hand. Retrieve important information with ease and ensure accurate documentation.

Empowering the Disabled and Visually Impaired

Avanegar assists the disabled and visually impaired by enabling them to access and comprehend written content effortlessly.

Chatbots and voice assistants

Avanegar understands and responds to user queries, provides relevant information, and offers personalized recommendations.


unique features

Ability to detect both formal colloquial speech with unparalleled accuracy

Ability to detect both speech and text with precision

Ability to produce editable output (allowing you to modify and tailor your transcriptions)

Ability to filter out certain words of your own choosing

Ability to detect and distinguish between different speakers (allowing for accurate transcription of multi-speaker audio content)

Ability to detect speech in noisy and crowded places with accuracy

ability to detect various Persian accents and dialects