What is Dideban?

Dideban’s team, located in Part software’s artificial intelligence center, and aided by experts of such fields as information technology and management, carefully evaluates the process of AI changes on the national and international scale, in a steady and specialized way. This organization has the valuable experience of publishing volumes of books, scientific articles and reports and critiques, moreover analyzing political pacts. Accepting problem-solving cases and assessing the possibility of carrying out solutions based on AI, in private and government incorporations, completes Part’s chain of activities.

Reasons to choose Dideban

Bringing forth a digital evolution and employing the positive outcomes resulted from Artificial Intelligence in various businesses and governmental associations, requires close investigations and adjustment of activities and demands, with this field’s capacities. This goal is met with the help and participation of technicians and experts alongside business experts and experienced analysts who have had enough practices in AI’s world.

Technical knowledge matters

Dideban’s team, in close co-operation with technical departments of Part’s AI research center, has specialized knowledge of AI technologies’ fields.

Business knowledge matters

Applying AI’s methods in companies and organizations, requires the amalgamation of specialized and business knowledge. Dideban is Part’s AI consisting of business, technology, and information evaluation.

Experience matters

Dideban is powered by Artificial intelligence with ecological studies, furthermore a couple of case-based studies, and thus presents valuable experiences

Scientific method matters

Human resources in Dideban’s team, have highest levels of academic education alongside with their experiences, and carry out their projects and feasibility studies, based on scientific strategies.


Consist of

Technology studies

Consisting of the latest technologies and various employments in such scientific fields as machine vision, natural language processing, data analysis, robotics, cognitive sciences, blockchain, virtual reality, and many other relevant fields.


Analysis of domestic ecological structure in relation to incorporations, governmental organizations, authoritative establishments, products and offered services.

International researches

Tracking the most important currents in the world of artificial intelligence, leading countries, and policy documentations.


merging micro and macro scales

having dominance over domestic AI condition, and integrating micro and macro scales in educational projects

mixing technical knowledge with expertise in business

mixing technical knowledge with expertise in business

Getting help from international, scientific, and up-to-date methods

Consultations for the employment of Artificial Intelligence, based on the latest scientific techniques and global currents

From feasibility studies to operation