Store services

Over the years, basic sales methods have not changed much; People go to the store, find the product they want and buy it; But AI can revolutionize the traditional shopping experience and bring it to a higher level of personalization, automation, and increased efficiency. Today, many companies are offering this technology in the field of artificial intelligence, and it can be said that the era of personalized multi-channel marketing has begun.

Services and products

Speech to text

It is recommended to use word-for-text in Q&A services, chats and voice assistants to record users' comments with their desired shopping list.

Recognize emotions

In the advertisements in the shopping centers, determine the customer feedback from the display of special advertisements using this service, and multiply the sales amount by improving the advertisements.


Using this service, similar objects are displayed in the customer's selected product. This will increase the chances of buying on your site.

Model Prediction

Using this model in marketing campaigns and based on the history you have of selling a particular product, you can predict the amount of demand or time required to sell.