Artificial intelligence has tremendous potential for revolution in manufacturing. Advanced technologies based on artificial intelligence have made this field more efficient and reliable. Despite artificial intelligence, we see factories in which different parts are optimized and mechanized by artificial intelligence. We are now increasingly witnessing the smartening of this field, which has ultimately led to faster, higher-quality, and more cost-effective production of products.

Services and products

noise elimination

Using this service in voice call lines or voice assistants in noisy environments, this service can help improve the quality of performance.

Sound categorization

Use this service in your industrial and intelligent robots to define the robot's response to specific sounds and increase the speed and accuracy of industrial operations.

Image categorization

Using the image classification service in factory production lines, you can easily detect and isolate defects in production products without the need for manpower.

Recognize the level of consciousness

With this service, we determine the level of awareness of people based on their voices, and you can prevent the possible dangers of lack of awareness of the workforce.