Health and treatment

Research in the field of health and treatment with the help of intelligence indicates that this technology can make significant changes in the field of research, diagnosis and treatment, so its presence in this field has become inevitable. In addition to analytical, diagnostic or therapeutic aspects, medicine also has human aspects; Therefore, artificial intelligence is not an alternative for physicians, but by expanding the horizons of physicians, it brings confidence in diagnosis and treatment.

Services and products

Speech to text

This service can be used to improve smart medical assistants or medical staff Q&A system.


By categorizing the types of diseases or patients in intelligent systems and assigning specific services to each category to them, patients' needs can be met more purposefully and quickly.

Diagnosis of anomalies

In medical claims related to medical cases, this service can easily detect and prevent fraud and false claims.

Analysis of medical texts

This service is used in smart medical chats and assistants, based on data and statements of patients in the field of diagnosis and prescribing medication as physicians' assistants in hospitals and clinics