Entertainment, movies, and media

Artificial intelligence technology has revolutionized the entertainment, film, and media industries. Looking at the effective aspects of artificial intelligence, we can understand that we must strive for the active presence of this technology in the field of entertainment, film, and media. Today this industry is more than ever ready to enter and make use of this technology with its countless advantages.

Services and products

Recognize the mood of musical emotions

On your music site, analyze the number of music downloads in different emotional modes, identify your users' tastes and provide them with more appropriate recommendations.

Recognize musical instruments

People have different tastes in music. Using this service in order to increase the satisfaction of your users, display the instruments used in the music with an approximate coefficient to them.

Custom speech production

Make it possible for users to hear news texts in their favorite voice by using this service on your news site / app.


Newsreader is a customized version of text-to-audio service for news sites and texts that allows drivers or people with vision problems to hear rather than read.