In the near future, artificial intelligence will become an important part of the education industry. As education becomes smarter, professors, administrators, and students will all benefit from the countless benefits of intelligent systems. This technology can dramatically increase the productivity of education systems. Today, technologies such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality are rapidly making positive changes in educational systems.

Services and products

Recognize musical instruments

In music applications or sites, using this service, it is easy to determine the use of Iranian and non-Iranian instruments in a music with a certain reliability.

Custom speech production

If you want educational texts to be read to you by the voice of a particular speaker, just give us a few minutes of that speaker's voice. This service will read your entire text in the voice you want.

Speech language recognition

Using this service in intelligent training robots makes training in the user's language. This service is able to identify 40 different living languages of the world in the user's speech.

Chat bot

This service understands the student's questions and provides the best answers using the available data. In this chat, the user's request is understood and answered only through the input text.