Given the undeniable importance of cybersecurity and the daily cyber-attacks, AI and ML play an essential role in providing cybersecurity. Businesses, governments and institutions are prone to cyberattacks, which cause great damage to the global economy. AI technology is the main defense strategy against cyber-attacks.

Services and products

Facial recognition

As a basic service in the authentication process, determine the location of the face using AI algorithms and use it for processing in the next steps.

Prediction model

Using this model, the normal traffic of website is predicted for different times. If the traffic exceeds the normal level, the system might be prone to a security breach.


Categorize the users with common behavioral characteristics. Re-evaluate security if suspicious or unusual behavior is observed.

Detecting anomalies

If there are high-risk behaviors that are not in line with the normal conditions of your system or website, check for potential cyber-attacks.