One of the biggest industries affected by artificial intelligence is the transportation industry. Advances in artificial intelligence and transformative business models have increased the value of the industry. The use of artificial intelligence in the transportation industry has reduced accidents and traffic, increased safety, reduced air pollution and minimized costs.

Services and products

Crowd counting

The service helps managers make better decisions for population control and security by providing a thermal map of human congestion at airports, train stations, subways, and estimating the number of people present.

Pedestrian detection

In self-driving and intelligent cars, by identifying pedestrians on the road, the speed of the car is controlled and accidents occur. Estimating the number of pedestrians in crowded cities also helps regulate traffic.

Car detection

This service is used in smart car alarm systems to prevent collisions with other cars. Another use is to identify offending vehicles and track them more easily.

Recognize emotions

Smart advertising in airports and subways will be more efficient and targeted by using this service. It is also a way to identify suspicious people and reduce security risks.