Part Artificial Intelligence Research Center

The Intelligence of life

Increasing efficiency, improving customer experience, reducing costs and increasing profitability are common goals for every business. We will accompany you on this path by providing solutions based on artificial intelligence in an efficient, distinctive and adaptive way.

Part’s professional AI college

Having the country’s biggest AI research center, we are equipped with extensive valuable experience on all four fundamental technology fields of data analysis, machine vision, speech processing, and natural language processing. We decided to share our worthwhile knowledge and experience with AI enthusiasts for free; so, we can all have a share in building an AI-based future. Well, improve your skills while you still got time!

Together with customers

on the path to Intelligence

We believe that artificial intelligence should be present in all of life's processes. Everyone should be able to enjoy the countless benefits of this technology. Therefore, by providing a suitable platform, providing services based on artificial intelligence and solutions tailored to each business, we have made it possible for all customers to use this new and powerful technology